How to Take Better Photographs of People

The best photographs of people is a mixture of emotion, character and a connection with subject, below are some tips to take better photographs of the people.

The most important thing to remember when capturing a picture of your subject, a standard technique is to position yourself as the sun is behind you, it gives a shine to your subject face and with the slight angle it will produce a shadow. The best timing to capture the picture is at morning when sun rises or at even because the natural light gives a better letter result as compares to indoor lighting. Use the mode according to the situation as cloudy, sunshine, night.

Subject Placement
Don’t try to shoot a person’s whole body unless it is required, Face of the subject is most important while taking pictures of them. Eyes and mouth are the most important features so start from there to represent the individual.

Use the people lens to take photography of people, the people lens is long lens such as 135mm; find a simple mid toned background and to through it out of focus use a wide aperture, center the eyes in a shoot to give balance in the shoot, but remember one thing one taking a picture of a children, crouch down so that you are shooting at their eye lever.

Setting the Scene
Don’t just begin photography of your subject, give them a time to get relax, get them to laugh and try to set up your camera ahead of time rather than making people wait, after that put yourself in the shot this what the self timer is for.