Camera Angles in Photography

Do you know where to position yourself when you are photographing something? Where do you think is the best position you need to stay in a certain situation? In order for you to know, let us learn the camera angles in photography.

There are three camera angles in photography. These are the High Angle (birds eye view), Normal Angle (man’s eye view), and Low Angle (worm’s eye view). As you can see, these camera angles are not just applied in photography. If you are in Engineering or Architecture, these terms are very familiar to you.

The first camera angle in photography that we’ll talk about is the High Angle. This is a camera angle wherein the camera is above the subject. This is used to diminish the subject. For a human subjects for example, it causes dwarfing. It is also used in landscape photography to be able to include almost everything in the viewfinder.

Okay, let’s then proceed to the camera angle in photography for the normal eye level – The Normal Angle. This angle is based on the position we people generally see things. It gives a natural feel to subjects. This camera angle in photography is usually used in model photography, photo documentation, or any people photography things. This is because in photographing people, we don’t like them to get dwarfed or skewed whatsoever. Although there are times that we also change angle just to give some variety and art.

The last camera angle in photography that I want to share is the Low Angle. This Angle emphasizes height and power. A person photographed in a low angle (with matching facial expression of course) can show that he is proud of something. A small little plant shot from lowest angle possible can also show some heights despite its little stature.

Once again, the key here is to take the photos in the angle that suits the need based on what I discussed above. It is also better to take as many angles as possible if time allows. This will let you choose from many angles in case you’re not sure if what angle you should take the photo.

In taking pictures I suggest that do not be limited by the rules. Try breaking the rules sometimes and keep on experimenting. Sometimes the best shots are taken from breaking the rules. As they say however “before you can break the rule, you must first know the rule.”

Camera angle in photography is one of the basic things that we need to learn in this field. There are times that we might know if what angle is the best for a certain subject. In this case, just try to experiment from every angle. Once you review your shots, just try to check the best one.