Cash From Your Camera – Tips to Make Money From Social Photography

If you are able to shoot great images then the world of social photography is almost a guarantee for success. But, what might you ask is social photography? It encompasses basically four areas of photography, wedding, portraiture/children, events and pets and is basically just people photography. If you can cover all of these you are sure to create a good income.

Each of these areas is very competitive but easy to enter. As long as you are a photographer who can deliver high quality images and maintain a great standard you are in with a fighting chance for success. If you are competitive, have a unique style and offer a great service there will always be room for you in the market.

Let’s take a look at some of these areas.

1. Wedding photography

I have always thought that the person who decides to become a wedding photography should see a shrink. You have to be a unique person who likes working under pressure because you are taking on a couple’s most important day and if you mess up there are no second chances. So, if you can take the pressure it’s the job for you. I remember with my own wedding, the photographer only delivered half the photos because of a problem. Yet, wedding photography can be extremely rewarding if you are a people person and like pressure. If you’re in the right area it can be extremely profitable and once you reputation grows there is an endless supply of work.

2. Portraiture

Gone are the days when you need a studio to take portraits. Situational portrait photography has increased dramatically and people like to be photographed in their own homes or places of work. Basic equipment is necessary such as portable lights, light boxes, flashes and reflectors and most times can be purchased in kit form. If necessary, a studio can be hired by the hour for those people who would like studio shots. But, don’t rely just on artificial lighting. Natural light with a bit of fill in flash with reflectors creates fantastic images and this is the type of lighting I prefer. Key here is to be flexible and to go where the clients are. It’s easier for you to get to a client than for a client to come to you and, it’s often more profitable.

4. Children

If you want to make money fairly easily then focus on children’s photography. If you go to a one hour photo lab and look at the images being printed you will find that a huge percentage are family shots of children. Grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles shoot millions of images a year so cash in on this area. In order to stand out you need to have your own style and experiment in order to find a way to distinguish yourself from other photographers. There is always room for another top quality children’s photographer. The great thing here is that you can freelance while still keeping another job until you can generate sufficient income to go full time.

4. Pet photography

Although this isn’t people photography, people hold pets very dear to there hearts and because of the limited lifespan of animals, people want to remember them. But, animals aren’t humans and most times won’t pose for you so you need to learn the tricks of trade in order to get great shots. It may take a little more time but you will be rewarded. Working with animals is just as interesting as working with people.

The area of social photography can be very rewarding financially because when the wedding calendar slows down you can pick up on your events, portraiture and children. Weddings tend to be held mostly on weekends so during the week you need to find other income sources. The interesting thing about weddings is that if you develop a good relationship with your couple, they will need you to photograph their children, pets and other events and are a great source of referrals. All of these fields interact which is why we term them as social photography. Work hard at networking and you are bound to get a good income.

Great Poses Make For Better Pictures – Photography Tips

If you’re anything like me, you love photographing people. What else could be more rewarding? But how do you pose them? It’s more that just coming up with great poses, it’s also about making your subject comfortable. It’s about paying attention to who you’re photographing.

One mistake many people make is to try and pose everyone the same way, or to use cliche poses. It’s really best to keep your posing natural. Make your subject look comfortable by talking to them and getting to know them a bit better. This way you’ll see which poses will look most comfortable for them.

The best approach to starting to pose a subject, is to keep it simple. Let them put their hands where they want to, and let them stand how they naturally stand. Now you can move on from there. But always keeping it simple. It’s okay for men to put their hands in their pockets and it’s okay for woman to cross their arms. After all they need to put their hands somewhere. Crossed arms are not necessarily a negative gesture as some people think, on the contrary they can make someone look proud and confident. Especially when they’re smiling.

Sometimes using a stool can help when posing a photography subject. It anchors them and gives them one less thing to think about. This makes me think of a really good point. When your subject is on the stool, just focus on their face. This will give you less to worry about – less to pose. You can just focus on the expression. And while they’re there, talk to them. Ask them questions. Do they have kids, what interests them? Questions about kids and family always relaxes a subject, and it gets them thinking about something else instead of being nervous in front of the camera.

Your words and actions can sometimes be more important than actual poses. Your job – your responsibility is to make them comfortable so they look great in their photographs. For more tips on what you can do to ensure you can handle the technical and creative side of capturing a great portrait, visit this Informative Site!

Tips For Taking Digital Photography

The pictures from the digital camera become much more perfect and adorable if you know the simple tips for taking digital photography. Filming great pictures may not be a tough job for the professionals but for the novice it does seem to be an off-putting task at the beginning. You need to have some basic idea about digital photography otherwise the photographs will never seem to appeal you.

The main secret is to understand your camera accurately
The beginning of the tips for taking digital photography must start with the camera. Unless you have a proper idea about your camera and the different function buttons you will never be able to click the right pose. In a nutshell we can say that you have to learn about the camera modes (with special attention to the macro mode), operation of the flash and know how to position the level of the camera perfectly.

One important aspect of the digital camera is that of the memory space. Your camera must have the memory space depending on its Megapixel and always try to carry an extra memory card with you. ISO setting of the camera is a very important characteristic. The potential photographers must consider carrying a tripod with them because it is particularly important when sufficient lights are not available.

Sharpen up the skills of photography
Once you get the ideas about the photography you must keep on practicing unless you acquire great professional skill. Tips for taking digital photography is important but following them adequately is far more important. For many people photography is a basic livelihood while some pursue it as a hobby. Whatever the reason may be, it is always better to take part in some photography training center because here you will be able to know the details in a better way. Study different books by practiced authors as they will endow you with useful knowledge about digital photography.

Almost all of us have some artistic caliber within us that needs to be polished to make the most of it. Everyone wants to be a good photographer but few of us actually become one. But with helpful tips for taking digital photography everyone can try to click decent pictures.