4 Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography is the art of taking pictures of people. Now whether you do this for family and friends, or just because you like people pictures, you may find these tips helpful in making your portrait photos more polished and professional looking.

1. Clear the clutter. When you take a person’s portrait, you want the picture to focus primarily on that person. If you have a lot of clutter behind or around them, it detracts from the person in the picture. So before you shoot, try moving the person to a place where there is little to nothing else around. The middle of a room is an easy option, as is having them stand against a blank wall.

2. Focus on their eyes. Regardless of what else might be in the picture, and regardless of whether anything else is in focus or not… if you have a person’s eyes in focus in a portrait photo, it always has much more impact and is considered a better picture overall. The old saying about eyes being a window to the soul actually applies in portrait photography, so if the person’s eyes are clear and focused well, the picture will look much better.

3. Try to blur the background. If you have a point and shoot camera, you probably have a control setting dial on the camera that will help with this. Turn the control dial to portrait mode – this is usually indicated by a small icon that looks like a person’s head. If you use a DSLR, or you shoot in manual or semi-manual mode with your camera, use a larger aperture setting. This is indicated by smaller numbers such as 5.6, 3.5 and 2.8. In fact, those three aperture settings are often the best ones to use when taking portrait photos, because those tend to blur the background best. A 2.8 aperture setting will give you a much more blurry background than 5.6 will, but 5.6 still does fairly nicely if the background is not too close to the person you’re taking a picture of.

4. Get Closer. Yes, closer to the person you’re taking a picture of. It’s OK to just have a picture of the person’s head and shoulders… it’s even OK to take a picture of just their face with part of the head missing. The face and eyes of a person is where most of their expression is, so leaving out most of the body in a portrait photograph will often produce much better results.

These four tips are great starting places for creating much stronger, more appealing portrait photos. So go out and try them yourself now, and you might be surprised at how much better your people pictures look.

How to Take Better Photographs of People

The best photographs of people is a mixture of emotion, character and a connection with subject, below are some tips to take better photographs of the people.

The most important thing to remember when capturing a picture of your subject, a standard technique is to position yourself as the sun is behind you, it gives a shine to your subject face and with the slight angle it will produce a shadow. The best timing to capture the picture is at morning when sun rises or at even because the natural light gives a better letter result as compares to indoor lighting. Use the mode according to the situation as cloudy, sunshine, night.

Subject Placement
Don’t try to shoot a person’s whole body unless it is required, Face of the subject is most important while taking pictures of them. Eyes and mouth are the most important features so start from there to represent the individual.

Use the people lens to take photography of people, the people lens is long lens such as 135mm; find a simple mid toned background and to through it out of focus use a wide aperture, center the eyes in a shoot to give balance in the shoot, but remember one thing one taking a picture of a children, crouch down so that you are shooting at their eye lever.

Setting the Scene
Don’t just begin photography of your subject, give them a time to get relax, get them to laugh and try to set up your camera ahead of time rather than making people wait, after that put yourself in the shot this what the self timer is for.

Hobbies For Busy People

As the world gets busier and busier, we people don’t have time to find ways on how to enjoy ourselves by doing the things we love. We don’t usually have enough time to find means and ways on how to let ourselves feel relaxed and enjoyed at the same time. That’s why there are remedies that are suggested in different ways on how to get pleasure from the busy time you have from work. By this form of recreation, all of us will get the enjoyment we deserve and spend time or bond with our family as well.

So here are the top 5 hobbies for busy people:

•    Photography

In all aspects of life, we do not only want to have fun but we also have to capture the memories and cherish it. For some people, photography is their obsession. They would take different images or different genres they like to be able to get their inspiration to whether it’s for work or just by them.

•    Camping or Fishing

It’s so nice to spend time with your family in an outdoor activity. After long days of work, it’s better to leave away from the busy city and head off to a quiet and peaceful environment. This way, you can all be relaxed and have much time you want to discuss and talk over things. It’s a great family bonding.

•    Dog Training

We humans don’t want to leave our pets behind. It is your responsibility to take good care of your pets. You might as well train him or have a day to spend with your dog. Take him to a spa or go to a park where you can take him for a walk. In that way it’s a double deal for you and your pet to have a stress-free feeling. It is also good for your health as an exercise.

•    Cooking

Due to a busy schedule, some of us forget to eat our meal on time. It’s good to indulge in such activity be able to regain one’s loss of food intake. Somehow for food lovers and aspiring chefs, it also serves as an experiment to help them serve food in perfection.

•    Tour/Cruising

If you’re hard working, this activity would be just right for you. There’s no need to worry with the expenses if you’re working more that what is expected as long as you get the enjoyment you deserve. It’s a way to find you or to bond with loved ones and enjoy great sceneries.